About the Book

Sometimes, hope comes in the form of another’s triumph.

Sometimes, tales of courage in the face of the grimmest challenges are all a person needs to be inspired in his or her own life.  

Author Mary A. Bell presents a range of literary pieces—poems and short stories—that capture man’s triumph against the odds. Aptly called Triumphs, this collection provides words of comfort and encouragement to readers of all ages.  

Each prose in this exceptional anthology conveys a special message to the reader, like a soothing pat on the back, a shoulder to cry on, or the warm hug of a beloved. Touching, heartening, and empowering, its significance lingers on long after the book is put down. This unforgettable and easy read makes a comfortable reading companion, especially on cold nights with a hot cup of chocolate.  

Just like that frayed old blanket from childhood, Triumphs offers comfort, security, and sense of peace in spite of the storm outside—or within.

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